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End of stem pain after total hip replacement

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I had a cortisone shot last week in hip area but did not help. Tramacet is really good for pain but I am worried about addiction. I have asked for cannibus oil but the medical profession is not ready for that yet.

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I ask the dr about the cortisone shot too he said it would not help the pain in my inner thigh because everything had been stretch when they did the surgery. I have heard about the ioil also but we are not a state that approve it. We may have to take a vacation. LO L. The Dr did give me a prescription for a physical therapist that does Dry Needling something similar to acupuncture. I will keep you posted. Waiting on the PT office to call back woth an apt. Keep me posted if you have any luck anywhere. Thank you.

My situation is much the same,the hip replacement side is about 2cm longer. I am trying to arrange a bone scan. I walk in the morning for about 30 minutes with my walking stick but by afternoon pain has increased. Sitting on a regular chair is my best position . I sleep alright with zopiclone. I take gabapentin,Advil and tylenal. I am on no opiates but have tried cannibus oil but hard to get it. All my X-ray s are normal.

Just wanted you to know to that I do not take any opioids at all either, they make me sick. The only thing I do take is Tylenol and Celebrex. I tried the gabapentin it did not help at all. i had the bone scan and every x-ray scan test imaginable and I still do not know what is causing the pain. We live in Tennessee so there is no chance of us getting the oul you referred to. Did that help you at all? I'm going to the doctor in two weeks and maybe he will refer me to a pain clinic and we'll see what they say. Keep us all posted on how your bone scan comes out and if they find anything that's causing your pain.

Hello, I have just joined the group, have bone on bone right Hip, Pain, could not walk without cane, and Did try the cannibus hormone, CBD, very expensive, but had to try, NO HELP