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Median Arcuate Ligament Syndrome (MALS)

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Thanks Kari. I am close to UCLA but not convenient. As if that matters when it comes to the surgery. After many years of unresolved pain and CT after CT I have a diagnosis from a CT Angio. Really, I wonder if it's a crazy fluke or some really great technician catching it.

I want my first visit to a vascular surgeon to be someone I am comfortable with and I want to be prepared with all my questions before I go. UCSD has some great doctors and I'll call tomorrow and see if their department can help me find the right doctor.

If this is the actual problem then I will feel great relief that I am not a hypochondriac! I have a pretty good health history. About 18 years ago I had a tubal pregnancy and when they did the laparoscopy to removed it they nicked my bowel and had to open me all the way up. Periodically since then I have diverticulitis attacks that come and go. Maybe every couple of years. When I complain about this pain they say it's GERD. My only other health condition is chronic migraines and it makes any medication or change in diet very difficult. I do have Hashimotos Thyroiditis which is autoimmune. Really, what I'm trying to say is that I don't suffer from other vascular or gastro problems. My first attack with this pain was 7 years ago in the middle of the night and we thought it was a heart attack. There was no diagnosis from that 3 day hospital stay. In the past few years the pain has been pretty constant, sometimes better than others.

I love first thing in the morning when I wake up and am lying there, for just a few minutes, when there is no pain. It is the nicest thing. Then the pain washes through me.

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You have been through so much! Unfortunately when it comes to celiac compression many of us have had such an extensive work up prior to being diagnosed. My Compression was found on a cath angiogram. I had symptoms for decades, going through so many different treatments and GI tests. Vascular disease seems to be a diagnosis looked at after everything else has been ruled out. Please keep me updated as you go through this process. Please know you are not alone, between Mayo Connect and MALS PALS you have a great group of people with you for this journey. I have had 2 surgeries and going through another work up to deal with relapsing pain, would have not made it if it was not the support and compassion with these communities! Have you had any weight loss with all your symptoms?