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Hello Merry@merpreb I am happy to hear you are still here fighting 21 yrs later. I was diagnosed with NSCLC squamous cell stage 3 in July of 2017. Went through 7 weeks of radiation 5 days a week and Chemo weekly. After the radiation and chemo I was put on Imfinzi Immunotherapy. 6 months into the treatment I developed a reaction and had to stop treatments. On my next scan I was told I am in remission that was in August 2018. I had mild COPD diagnosed in 2014 right before quitting smoking. Since stopping treatments my breathing has gotten much worse. I had a spell where I stopped breathing and was rushed to the hospital where they diagnosed severe COPD, a-fib and Congestive heart failure. I was given Xarelto 20 mg for the a-fib and 200 mg Amiodarone HCL 4 times a day which the Cardiologist stopped after 2 weeks as it was making me ill. Also I read it could cause lung cancer. I have been having some days now when the oxygen does not cause my nose to drip constantly. I switched my cannulas to Salter Labs 16000 series both 4ft and 7 feet and it has been amazingly helpful. As I stated in my last post I am really looking for information on Umbilical cord stem cell therapies. I am still doing as much research as I can as we raise money for me to have the procedures God Willing!!! Any information to that end would be greatly appreciated.

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@justapril– Good morning. I'm so sorry that you are having so many problems. I don't think that we can count on the old adage of groups of three anymore! You have certainly had your fill. I know that Colleen sent you several links. I found this one. However It might not have the answers that you need.
You might also look to Europe to see what they have, or Israel.
I can feel your frustrations and it's horrible at a time when all you want to is to feel good and be healthy. I'm sorry for all of us . So many people have joined the "get rich quick scheme." It doesn't make for a very helpful and beneficial health system.
PS- Please come jin us at the Lung Cancer group! I'm so glad that you are in remission!

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