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Congestive Heart Failure in young people

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weakness, nausea, bloated up to waist, shortness of breath, pain in neck,. She had a kidney infection 2 weeks before and did not go to er till 2 days later. They gave her antibiotics which seemed to work. I suspect the kidney infection may have gone past the kidney to her heart. The staff at Tampa General weren’t sure if it was viral or bacterial version. The doctor that opened her heart to attach a VAD said there was significant old blood clots on the heart walls.

I would love to know how the infection got in her body. Was it a dormant virus or was it something she was exposed to? I need closure because I cannot lose someone dear to me without knowing why. I think she knew she was in bad shape because she was very smart and would have researched her symptoms online. There were just to many obstacles in her way and her thinking was clouded because she was taking ZANAX prescribed by a doctor who misdiagnosed her as having anxiety

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@brian_j Thank you for sharing the additional information about your daughter’s symptoms. I sense the disbelief as you write and I can certainly understand it. I hope that you are able to connect with a grief support group at some point down the road, I think it would be helpful for you. Please keep sharing your daughter’s story. There still might be someone who will post a similar experience. Best wishes to you and your family as the holidays approach.