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Facet ablation

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Thank you @lynettegable for jumping in so quickly and offering your insight to @andilynn.

I would also like to invite @ladyjane85, @medic7054, and @shellsk24 who all discussed having a facet ablation and various degrees of success in the reduction of pain as a result.

@andilynn, did your provider discuss with you how long he or she thought the injections would take to work? You mentioned that your neurologist said you are not a candidate for surgery, does that mean you have not had an ablation? Are you wondering what other members have experienced so that you can make a better decisions to pursue an ablation?

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Yes please, I am in a similar boat, not sure ablation is for me, I know I have facet joint pain as we did the diagnostic injection with anestethic, (i can not have steroid as I have Osteoporosis)….also i have been prescribed Lyrica, which helps me a lot to get through a night of less pain at least.

Kayelle, I was given steroids three times in the past few months and it helped for a few days at best. I take Lyrica twice a day for peripheral neuropathy. I’m glad your finding some relief with it. Let’s keep in touch if we learn any more about our back problem.

Ok, its been a challenging year with having been on sulfazlazine and then enbrel and then later told I didn’t even have Ankylosing Spondilitis (happy about that) ..GOODNESS knows what those awful drugs have done to my body, but never the less i am lucky, now to find out why the pain (what i thought was As)…I am hesitant (now) to do facet joint ablution as I have been told (now) that i need! Would love to keep in touch. Everyone has their own medicine but sometimes we hit the right spot for each other anyways. Hope the steroids keep working. I am told i am on low dose Lyrica eg 2 times 75 mg, am happy to take more later when i need it.