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Facet ablation

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I have had ablations done on L4 L5 S1 at Mayo clinic and they have really helped. It takes about 2 weeks for me to have relief and i repeat them about every 6 months. My nerves grow back faster but they tell me it is different for everyone. I would highly recommend doing it!

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Thank you for your reply and recommendation Lynette. I am so grateful to hear from someone who has a positive spin on the procedure.

@lynettegable  I also was given a radio frequency ablation in lumbar and S joint for pain that I have had for 25+ years. Have had many injections thru the years and many meds which cause horrible side effects or do nothing. So, too many allergies in history. Ablation supposed to work within 8 weeks, and altho I had psyched myself up that this last procedure would work, it did not. For some it can last for a year until the nerves that were burned grow back. I am at my wit's end – passed back and forth between neurologist and pain mngmnt dr. They have nothing else up their sleevGreat to read that some of you can take the meds and procedures and they help…….@ladyjane85

I am sorry to hear that you’ve had bad results with your treatments. I’m in the same boat so far. I’m hesitant to have anything else done for fear of creating new problems. I wish you healing.

So sorry to hear nothing works for you (yet!). We are each so different. Thanks for sharing.