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Nemo (@nemo)

Functional tremors: Anyone had this?

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Hi Nemo,
I haven’t found anyone currently on Connect who has talked about functional tremors. @johnjames has talked about shaking related to Parkinson’s however.

Nemo, what part of your body is affected by the tremors? Is the shaking constant or do certain situations calm the shaking or make it worse?

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I have had functional tremors for 18 months. I usually shake at my hands and feet. Not as bad when first diagnosed. I take Ativan 1 milligram when I have a tremor. Tremors usually don’t last very long but they are very exhausting as my hands and my legs and my feet tighten up. Doctor tells me It can stay with me for the rest of my life or I can just go away. Doctors don’t seem to know too much about functional tremors. Tremors seem to come on with stress.

My hands used to shake and I was told it was due to my medication. My Doctor said as long as I can function ok I should be ok. That was 5 or 6 years ago. Last year I noticed that I am no longer shaking anymore.

My tremors have become less the last few months and less severe. But stress does seem to be the cause.

@dvdlyo7519, welcome to Connect.
So glad to hear that the shaking hands have lessened or even stopped. Have your meds been changed? Or has something else changed? Less stress perhaps as @nemo suggests?

No I am on the same meds. Not to sure what I did that made my hands stop shaking.

I have tremors caused by the medication I take. Some days worse than others. Just in my hands.

I have functional tremors all over my body. The doctor that diagnosed me is a neurologist. He just told me to go to a phsyciatrist.