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@mxyzptlk32, I've had the Mayo Clinic Polysomnography (overnight sleep study) which has the CPAP and EEG together. I didn't think I had any issues sleeping because I could fall asleep in a heart beat but the sleep study results were significant for me as my score was pretty high in the obstructive sleep apnea scale.

Polysomnography (sleep study): https://www.mayoclinic.org/tests-procedures/polysomnography/about/pac-20394877

@jakedduck1 has some really good posts in the following discussion that you might find helpful. I think this might be the discussion @hopeful33250 was thinking about when she tagged me.

Seizures while sleeping with a CPAP machine: https://connect.mayoclinic.org/discussion/seziures/

You mentioned you are in the process of changing CPAP suppliers and was wondering about needing another sleep study. I'm pretty sure all you need is a prescription/diagnosis from your doctor that is current. I went through this when I had to purchase a travel CPAP and needed a copy of the prescription in order to purchase the device.

Are you able to get a copy of your diagnosis or prescription from your sleep medicine doctor?

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Hi John,
Thanks, I shouldn't have any problems, my primary care has all the information. For that matter my previous supplier has it too. They can't send it to a new supplier though, I asked. Probably some HIPPA violation. I can't even authorize them to send it. Think about that, it is my information. This whole process is a headscratcher to me. If I was in business to sell something I wouldn't be asking a potential customer to prove he/she needed it.

Have the overnight sleep studies always had an EEG? My sleep study was so long ago I don't remember. I am going to have look through my files to see if I still have it. I would like to compare that EEG to my current one to see what, if anything, has changed.

I hadn't seen that post, thanks. I'll read it and get back to you.

@johnbishop @hopeful33250
At one point I said I had read all the posts on epilepsy. Actually I missed a good portion of them. I have more reading to do.

I need to rethink my outlook on a sleep study. I have assumed I am doing everything I can because I have an auto adjusting CPAP machine but it has been years since I had a study done or seen a sleep doctor. I don't think that meets the "aggressively sought" criteria. I'll run this by my neurologist and see what she thinks.

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