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Good morning, I am Amieejean 46 and I have the silent seizures ( lost of consciousness and the stare)with underlying other health issues. What exactly does this mean on type of seizures? I’m not on medication tried over 10 plus with a last resort of only having the 3rd VNS.

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Good morning and welcome to Mayo Clinic Connect.
It sounds as though you may be having Absence Seizures. However, you mention having a VNS which are treat Focal Seizures. Since its unclear what type of Seizures your experiencing Absence Seizures are Generalized Seizures meaning the entire brain is affected.
Focal Seizures have a specific seizure Focus (Where a seizure begins) for example, if they start in the back of the head (Occipital lobe) you may experience visual symptoms, if they start on the side of your head (Temporal lobe) you may experience a metallic taste, or other unusual taste, unusual smell, weird feeling in stomach sometimes fear. If the seizure starts on top of your head (Parietal lobe) burning, numbness or tingling may occur. Lastly, if it starts in the front of your head then you may observe grimacing, stiffness, abnormal posturing. Has your doctor ever mentioned Focal, Partial (Aware or Impaired) Petit Mal or Absence (Typical or Atypical) Seizures? I don't understand your comment of ”Having the 3rd VNS.” Did you go through 3 separate surgeries not including battery replacement and have three different VNS models implanted? Have you taken Zarontin/Ethosoruximide or Depakote/Valproic Acid?
Here is some information about Absense Seizures from Mayo Clinic.