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My daughter was diagnosed with Absence seizures 10 years ago but 3 years ago she started having grand mal seizures we went two years seizure free and then they returned but this time she ruptured her ear drum and she doesn’t seem to be the same. This is a lot to handle in our family because we miss her having her usual teenager dictator behavior. Now she doesn’t even have the energy to go to school and when she does she comes home and sleeps all afternoon.

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I'm sorry to hear your daughter has seizures. I don't understand how a ruptured eardrum could be responsible for the symptoms you mention. Ruptured eardrums usually heal on there own quickly, 2-3 months. Has it been a couple months since it happened and if so has she been back to the doctor to confirm if it's healed? Did the rupture happen as a result of falling during the seizure? If so I wonder if she could have sustained a concussion. How long has this been going on? Could she be having more seizures? If so that could explain the sleeping or perhaps her seizures could have changed, perhaps she could be experiencing nocturnal seizures which would explain daytime fatigue.
People with Epilepsy also have about a 33% higher occurrence rate of sleep apnea, that too might explain the drowsiness. Does she sleep everyday after school? Could she be suffering from depression? Has her medication changed or increased? Here is a link to “Fatigue” from Mayo Clinic.
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