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Good morning Bruce,
I’ve always been told by Neurologists not to drink but my E was severe and I took 5 different AED's.
A drink or two doesn’t usually lower a persons seizure threshold. Binge drinking is the worst culprit. Alcohol withdrawal is usually what causes seizures. That’s not to say the wine couldn’t have done it. Tolerance is very individualized.
In case you’re not aware your lamotrigine should always be from the same manufacturer also
people shouldn’t switch from brand to generic and vs versa. This is primarily due to the inert ingredients affecting the bioavailability of the medication. In years past the main drug ingredient could vary by a certain percentage.
Although some studies claim there’s no difference I disagree based on experiences of people I’ve known and read about. Also when I was admitted to the hospital nearly unconscious I was given generic medication and by the time I knew what was happening my seizure medication level dropped by 52%. Although I didn’t have a seizure I don’t believe it’s reasonable to assume no one else could have under the same circumstances. I prefer to err on the side of caution.
Take care,

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Thank you, Leonard
I will make sure that the medication is from the same supplier.
Is it common to have memory loss (both long term and long term) as a result of the seizures?