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Has anyone ever gotten a Lamictal Rash?

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Hi @thoferer81017
Rash and other skin irritations are known side effects of lamotrigine (LaMICtal) http://mayocl.in/2lE1Cjo Did you get a rash from this medication?

I'm tagging @lucky12 @debburrington @sharin on this discussion as they have experience with lamotrigine.

I developed a rash on my face and neck within the first week of 200mg of Lamictal. We decreased the dose and the rash went away. Ive been on 125mg for the past 8 months. I feel good mood wise, but have experienced hair loss, increased indigestion, muscle aches and now blood pressure as high as 176/112. I also had uveitis in one eye (swelling behind my eye) causing distorted vision that cleared up with an eye specialist and prednisone treatment. It just seems suspicious that all of these things occurred after starting Lamictal. Besides the rash, the psychiatrist, family doc, eye doc and cardiologist all say the drug has nothing to do with any of these symptoms. It's so frustrating to go from med to med because of side effects but I am considering changing mood stabilizer meds. I think this is the last straw -- blood pressure of 177/112, when all of my life, BP has been normal. Sorry if I gave too much information!!