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Hello there! Im 28 and been 5 years seizure free, taking Keppra, Lamictal, Zonisamide all twice daily.I had recently got married and hoping later in the year to start a family. I am curious if anyone were on the same medications and if they have any problems? Also I'am interested in where i could find info about epilepsy or helpful videos for my husband, if i do end up having a seizure at anytime I don't want him to be scared

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Hello @thoferer81017, welcome to Connect. It is awesome to hear that you have been seizure free for 5 years and the medications have been working.

I would like to introduce @dawn_giacabazi this conversation to give her thoughts on her experience with Keppra. I would also like to invite @stayfree back to Connect to give their thoughts on Lamictal.

You may want to check out the Mayo Clinic site and its tips on self-management for epilepsy. You will find a bulleted list on the bottom of this page, http://mayocl.in/1RfT2yn.

If you would like to share a few videos with your husband, here is a link to the Epilepsy Foundation that include a few videos with a background on seizures and a video about techniques for responding to a seizure, http://bit.ly/1gs3vcS Since this is not Mayo Clinic content, I can't speak to it's full credibility, and I would reccomend comparing the points from the videos to the checklist on Mayo Clinic's website.

@thoferer81017, what concerns do you and your husband currently have?

Hello! I have had seizures for 53 years. I've had brain surgery twice to no avail and been on many and almost all possible medications. I've never been seizure free. I've taken lamotrigine and Depakote for years. Approximately a year ago my doctor added Zonisamide. I now have one seizure a month. All are nocturnal seizures.