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Hello @vanessapaugust,

We’re so glad you’ve joined us here on Connect. @cgrammie2 @randallfrommemphis @jodyalbright @ditim have mentioned living in Tennessee, and I hope they will have some information for you.
Could you tell us a bit more about yourself, @vanessapaugust ? What kind of seizures do you have? How are you coping with this and the move?

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Well I will be 53 in March and moved back to TN with my mom and it has been great. I think I have more of an anxiety/stress seizure. I have experienced some memory loss with the seizures. I don’t remember being married and living with my 1st husband, my children’s father, I do remember he was my high school sweetheart. I’ve learned to start notating what happened the day before my seizures to compare what goes on. The last seizure I had was on Jan. 14 (day after I was telling everyone to have a blessed Friday 13th), got up that Sat., had a cup of coffee and sitting talking with my mom about going to the mall that day. When I woke up later she was asking me how I was feeling. I just said, I’m fine, them she told me I had a seizure, she called 911 and they came out and told her I was having a seizure and there was nothing they could do, just to keep a cold towel on my head. Well I was excited about that but the night before is when I told her I decided to say and I was going to join her church because they had a lot of volunteer/activity stuff going on. I was some what depressed about that because I didn’t want to tell my daughter the next day I decided to stay. Coping is great, she is my mom, I do make a little income babysitting and she gives me $20 here and there for keeping kitchen clean she saying and being her personal secretary. Then taking me shopping and finding the best deals.

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