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I have a great friend who has seizures and his doctor has pretty much said there is nothing else that can be done for him. He had surgery I believe in 2004 at your clinic and Dr Ben Carson was on the surgical team. He didn’t have a seizure for about a year and then they returned. Colin is his name and he is a remarkable man he doesn’t let the seizures keep him from doing what he likes to and he does wonderful work with handicapped people by previding a bowling league for them and countless other things. As i said earlier his doctor has pretty much told him they can’t help with all the improving technology I was hoping maybe there is something that could be done for him. He is so important to a lot of people and I think he deserves anything that could be done to help him because I believe there are miracles can can be accomplished.

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Hi @cephas,

Welcome to Connect. I’m so sorry for Colin, but he is very fortunate to have you by his side, and we are so glad to have you on Connect.

You will see that I have moved your discussion to this page, so that the wonderful members here can start giving you and Colin much-needed support and information.

@dawn_giacabazi @blath2000 @ketomom @hermsenk @punkin312 @inkdfrog @matermiracle @sall @stayfree @FaceNu @debburrington @beccahp @19aleckelly @scoobylisa @palmetto @lucky12 @tatiana01 @jontan @sylviaanne @TabMar @kevinkelley, could you please provide some insight for Colin and @cephas?

@cephas, would you be able to give us a little more information about Colin’s seizures? Details such as what kind of seizures, how long has he had them, how long do they last, would be very helpful. You have come to the right place.