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Hello! I am the mom of a beautiful 19 year old who has epilepsy. Christina’s first seizure when she was just seven months old. We quickly learned medical care for seizures is not the same and traveled to Mayo. She has been a patient at Mayo ever since. In fact, we just got back home after being in Rochester. Christina has been through a lot since the first seizure including brain surgeries. We have found that advocacy and hope can change things for the better. Our favorite treatment (if there is one) for seizures is dietary intervention. Christina has been on the original keto diet as well as another form called the low glycemic index diet treatment. She is also on a low dose of an anti seizure med.

Christina will be attending college soon and inspires us everyday.

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I would like to try the low glycemic diet or a keto diet that was mentioned in a woman's magazine as being more alkaline. I tried keto for 1 year but had to quit due it's causing me acid reflux. Too much fat I guess. I tried to keep the fat plant based. It did reduce my seizures about 30%.