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Depression and Chronic Pain

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I have discovered over the years that depending wholly on my doctors gets me little or nowhere. When my health problems began a decade ago, I did some research, discovering that inflammation run amok is a major cause or contributor to all kinds of issues. While the doctors were doing what they did, which was precious little at times (I'm actually being generous here), I was treating myself with affordable herbs and vitamins focused initially on treating inflammation. It got me out of the wheelchair, and more mobile. It worked in helping virtually all symptoms and disease processes, including depression. Life is one of those things that you can't live again, but you can heal and begin to make up for lost time by feeling better and beginning to live that. Don't give up. Determine to depend on yourself in the health and healing department, rather than someone else, wherever possible. Remember, you are your own best advocate. You are also your own boss. Caring for yourself and following through are your best tools to better health.

Also, confirm that your migraine pain is not sinus issues. If you have sinus problems, these symptoms can be confused as migraines. You may find that something as simple as Ocean nose spray (it's essentially buffered saline) or better yet, its generic, will change your life where sinus and nose problems are concerned. If someone told me that a dollar bottle of nose spray could help me quickly through regular use, I might be tempted to disbelieve. However, the simple act of using saline nasal spray saved me from being led down the primrose path of sinus surgery by my doctors at the time. And yes, migraines had been a major issue for me, sometime after relocating to a new area of the country.

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@freshair, I agree with you 100%. I also know what you mean about migraine pain and Ocean nose spray. Some times I use Floniase if my allergy symptoms are kicking up. I have Burning Mouth Syndrome and my experience is that most doctors are not well informed. Thanks for the tips.

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