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Oh how wonderful that all sounds! I am going to cut and paste it and send it to my brother! The bubbles idea is amazing! Even mom could do that. Thank you so much. I feel like a weenie because, truth be told, my life is so good! I’m fed and clothed and have family! It’s just so hard and I … well, just thank you for your great advice. I will take all of it to heart and do it!

Right now, I am staying back at mom (and dads) old house. It is where dad died last year. He was so so sad. I can feel it now. I have heard people say the second year is the worst because the denial part is gone. And we’ve been working with mom for this whole year. Sigh. Life sure does throw curveballs!

Getting some bubbles pretty much immediately!

I’m going to go by bubbles now!


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So what healing is there in a name you choose?
When I was at my dullest point, I chose the name Sparkling Susie. Why, because that was my goal.
Later I chose Cute Susie..I made it to Sparkling Susie and Cute Susie and now I am really flying as Bright Wings.
Each time I wrote these names, it cemented the concept in my brain that this was the goal I was working towards. I made it too!
Fake it till you make it got me a very long way….
Bright Wings.
Bubbles, good for you. This stuff is hard to do. Now in regards to staying in your parents house, I suggest you go to the health food store and get a bundle of sage. Then, light one end, they will tell you what end to light. Carry an empty can and spend some minutes in each room waving it around.
What this does is clears the space. It sends any lingering presences to where they are supposed to be.
As the ash burns down, tap the bundle into the can so you don't have any ashes to clean up.
When you are finished, put the sage out in the can and save it.
Using sage is wonderful. A very healing plant. You might check on u tube for how to sage a house. I bet there is something. Sorry, I am too exhausted to do it myself. Bye all.
Bright Wings