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Relapse is hitting me hard. Right now I'm in limbo trying to determine what is depression, what is withdrawal, or if I'm otherwise sick.

(I'm 3 weeks out after my last dose of venlafaxine and since Prozac had bad stomach problems – enough to have to call a friend and see if they had food poisoning so I could figure out if I did, I'm switching again. In the meantime I am definitely not adequately medicated.)

The up and down of having a little energy for an hour or a few and then down for the rest of the day is frustrating. Just enough to decide I want to do something but without being able to. I sit on my bed sometimes mentally yelling at myself to get up and at least do dishes. Doesn't work. I know it's called executive dysfunction. Not that knowing that helps.

One long day at a time.

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I know exactly what you mean. I can sit and tell/yell at myself and know I need to get off my rear. But it feels like I got a 200 lbs weight tied to my rear and my boots are glued to the floor. I don't even feel like eating half the time. If I do eat it doesn't take long and I get sick.

@notaround OMG! I could have written this myself! I’m 3 weeks off Effexor and feel the same way. I’m at my wits end. I try to stay busy, but that is a chore in itself, not to mention having to go to work everyday. I’m so ready to feel normal again!

Not that this will help but back in the day if we didn’t work we didn’t eat. My grandfather had a brain tumor which he died from in 1926.
When he could no longer walk my Dad hitched up his team and my Dad and his older brother carried him and tied him to the plow and at lunch they untied him and carried him to the house to eat. After lunch it happened all over again and was repeated until he died.
I believe we’re spoiled. In the past I think people were to busy just trying to survive to be depressed etc. In the past people didn’t enjoy the luxury of being able to pick and choose if they would work, stay in bed or watched tv etc. Just my 2 cents.