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@notaround Thank you so much for your input. I was on 75 mg of Effexor previously and for some reason I thought it was making me ill. so to avoid withdrawal my doctor put me on 37.5. You know in the past year don't know what works or doesn't work. I keep thinking the medication is making me ill when in fact that is not it. I am looking for relief and can't seem to get it. The CBD oil helps with my back pain, but you may be right tha it does interact. I do have CBD oil w/o THC, but I am going to look further into what you are telling me. I thank you so much. Sometimes I don't know where the grief is where the depression is and then all the body pain. My late husband would want me to continue and to enjoy life and that is one of the reasons I am seeking answers. I do know that I have read so many negative's on here about Effexor and at this point wonder if I tried getting off it because of that I just don't know. It seems so much of a blur right now.

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@summertime4 It can be really hard to figure out what's a side effect, withdrawal, depression symptoms, or something else entirely. Pain is really difficult since it could be caused by any of those.

I hope it isn't a bad interaction between the venlafaxine and the CBD oil - one is hard to get off of and the other one is actually working for you. People shouldn't have to chose between suffering of different types.

With the solstice coming up, let's all try to remember, literally and poetically, that the days will get brighter soon in the northern hemisphere. It doesn't solve everything but the extra sunlight makes things look a bit more cheery.