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Good Morning!
I was on XR for years but after having weight loss surgery 2 years ago, I had to change to immediate release. After weight loss surgery, the body does not adsorb the way it used to. At that point, my psychiatrist did not know how I would adjust to the change. No problem.
Yes, I take 150 mg, twice a day.
Thank you for sharing your plan. I am worried that would be a little too quick for me. I actually take 2-75mg in the am/pm. I was thinking about cutting the evening 75mg in half for a week (or 2 depending on how I feel), thendoing the same with the am dose next.
I know I cannot do this without the guidance of a psychiatrist.
I don't know if you read, but my psychiatrist left so I have to find a new one, which I am working on. I actually think I found one, will call today.
Anyway, thanks again for all your sharing.
Have a great weekend!

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I recall you mentioning that you were looking for a new psychiatrist. I was concerned that you might be racing to get this done before you found someone. It won't hurt if you stay on a certain lowered dose for awhile. I have been at 37.5mg for 2 weeks – originally it was only supposed to be a week — but my joyful (and hopefully brief) excursion into what menopause might have been like had I had any symptoms – was enough to get me to hit the pause button for a week. And if the titration down to zero is too weird – I might do every other day for a couple of weeks.