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Hey GrandmaR!
I was fortunate not to have a high dosage. I WAS…..love saying that…..WAS….at 75mg XR for 10 years. My drs (as we moved about every 3-5 years) would each ask me if I was doing ok on it. I guess I was???? I started taking it after I got very anxiety ridden while overseas Lots of factors, but I found myself being very angry and very upset even when I knew it was not rational. It was like I was outside looking in, thinking…behave! You know what you are doing is wrong…why are you so angry? I was afraid I would do something to endanger my children. Our military dr put me on Effexor and told me that it would level out my moods and that it was something many women need to be on as their hormones go out of wack. I was also told that I'd most likely be on it for life. Every dr since then has pretty much just written the script without a second thought. It wasn't untill I was looking for a natural source of help for my ADD daughter that it cross referenced into antidepressants and the damage they do for ADD and ADHD kids. Hmmmm….I've been ADHD since before they even started diagnosing ADHD!!! (I'm 51).
For me, I looked at my husband and said, I'm done…I have to end this. It's been hard on our relationship and nearly driven us to divorce more than once, my lack of interest in him.
That next day I went from 75 to 37.5. I stayed there for about 10 days, give or take. You know how it is being on effexor….my memory stinks. I sat at 37.5 until my withdrawl symptoms had calmed to almost nothing. I then dropped to about 20mg (estimating) and each day, I was bringing it down just a few beads at a time. After one week of this, I went to nothing. I'm three days and counting. No, not wishing to go back. Still have ringing in my ears almost constantly, have the moments of complete clarity followed by a delayed brain reaction…..hmmm….almost like I turn my head and look at something and I have to wait for the world to catch up with me….sort of dizzy, weird feeling. Today is better than yesterday, but another symptom has shown up. I'll have the double click sound I hear…I thought it was a sound in the car, then in the grocery store it happened again…and when I went upstairs to make the bed, I heard it again and I realized it was in my head, not something around me. I'm sure that this too will go away, though very weird.

For me, I'm taking
Omega to rebuild the brain networking….put my head back together.
5-htl? to also rebuild
St. Johns Wart to counter any depression that might come up.
L-something….it's downstairs so I can't remember for sure L-Trith….whatever….helps anxiety I think.
Melissa (also known as Lemon Balm) to calm nerves and provide focus.
Valerian Root to allow my mind to cycle into deep sleep.

The combinations seem to be working for me. My dr….well she laughs and snorts when I mention herbal. I won't need all of these forever….most just long enough to heal. Meliss and Valeria Root will probably be what I stay with for my ADHD and maybe St. Johns Wart for the occational sad day.

Can I tell you???/well captive audience….of couse I can….EVIL LAUGHT!……I'm SO happy! I am so much more successful at my work, so much more energetic and so much more in love with my family. I am so thankful that Mayo Clinic is (though not against synthetic medications) so endorsing of herbal alternatives.

My journey is not near as complicated as many. But I've been on it for 10 years just like many out there have been. I'm so happy on the other side and I know you can be, too. No matter how or which route you take. Each of us is different. Hang in there.

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So glad you are off of it. I am having bad reactions. Going to the Doctors tomorrow.

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