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Thank you so much. Maintaining a good attitude is so extremely important in good healing. I sometimes have to work at it, like yesterday and today. I try to model it for others here. Some listen and some Don't.
So now I am listening to an audiobook and grooming my pup. I know I have to stay positive, even in trying times. Its who I am. Ok now, smiling at you all.
Thanks contentandwell. You helped me turn my day around. I am now back in control. Bright Wings

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@brightwings Susie, I cannot imagine you NOT being in control, at least not of yourself. You sound very strong.
I agree, attitude is so important. I am acutely conscious of the various things that can be threatening to my health, but I absolutely do not dwell on them. Being conscious of them though makes me more aware of making every day count, and thinking of each day as a gift. I am grateful for each and every day.

Oh, thank you Darling...oh how I agree with you. Maintaining a good attitude is everything. We all have our challenges that can take us down. Being aware of the things that can take us out is everything. You are obviously far along in your healing. I applaud you also.
Your statement of you can not imagine me not being in control made me laugh. Yes, that is true now. Thanks for pointing that out. It made me look at just how much in control I am of myself. We don't always see that ourselves.
One of the reasons I have learned to be in control was all my friends HAD to LEAVE ME because of my WHINING after a simple surgery on my foot that went so bad. 5 surgeries later, all my friends were gone. I had chased them all away. I had to learn...NOBODY WANTS TO HEAR WHINING. I did learn that, but it took me years to be in control. I never gave up.
I know there are a few folks here, regular posters. When I see those posts, I choose not to read them. It will just be the same story. I don't have time for that.
So contentandwell, I also applaud you. Good job girl. I can see you are winning too. I predict you will have a great day everyday, as long as you keep going down the same path you are on.
Now these next comments are with that naughty gleem in my old granny eyes and tongue in cheek...FOR A GOOD TIME, TALK TO @jadedduck1. I sent him a pm a couple of days ago. We were able to connect yesterday and we talked on the phone for almost 3 1/2 hours.
Oh, we shared lots of laughs and talked about serious things also. The only reason I chose to end it was my dog had been giving me the evil eye for an hour. He needed to go for a walk!
So Leonard, I look forward to our next conversation.
I am posting this for a reason...boards like this help us heal. However, they will never take the place of real relationships. So trust your gut. Reach out to someone. You will be glad you did. Smiling at you all. I, for one, am going to have a great day. Bright Wings, flying in spite of no car

@brightwings Thanks to you too, Susie. These experiences sure do change a person. I would never want what I went through, but I must admit there are some good things about the changes in me. I am much more assertive than I was.
I am of course conscious of the numerous things I am now at risk of but being conscious of them does not mean I dwell on them. I just try to live each day with gratitude, appreciating many things more than I ever did before. It's sort of nice too, my son and daughter, and my husband, appreciate me more now also since things were getting pretty back prior to transplant. My son has called me a role model.