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Hi everyone! 10 days now with no Effexor XR! I still have occasional dizzy feeling, but brain zaps are pretty much gone and the ringing in my ears has quieted down a lot! It took me over a year, taking out beads from the capsules. (Shows me I can do pretty much anything I put my mind to.)
The reason I wanted to get off was because I was so afraid that something would happen that would prevent me from getting the medicine. My memory was shot and I feared that I would forget to pack the meds when I was travelling. Sometimes I would forget to take a dose and I would be so dizzy and sick. It was terrible. Now my memory and concentration are getting better.
Every doctor I spoke with just couldn't understand why I wanted to get off. Well, it wasn't really helping my anxiety. I would get worked up over the least things and overreact. My family says I am more like my old, lovable self! Hallelujah! Thanks You, Jesus, for helping me get through this withdrawal!

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Seems MD's feel there must be a Pill for everything How many of them have taken , and felt how these ' addictive' meds affect us ? Is this what medical schools teach ? Must be on a ' lifetime' pill for every problem ??

Congratulations for achieving a goal that took so long to do!! You are taking good care of yourself and are a wonderful role model for others who want to get off Effexor. Please keep encouraging others in the Connect community to take their time in withdrawal.

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