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Hey how do you get down to half of a 37.5 my doc said do every other day. Better today last two been nauseous. Had no withdrawals until the last few days. Was on 150 then 75 then 37.5

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@cdileonardo4 if your body is reacting this way…poo on that. I say slow down. Cut back. Skipping a dosage is not wise. Your body says its not ready. Remember..we are all here for you….each struggle each body is different. Be proud of what you can do…do not try to rush it! Congratulations!

How long were you on it when you decided to discontinue the drug.

Physicians pledge ' First DO NO HARM " ??

@dianrib Sometimes I wonder if many physicians today pay any attention to those words. It's like a meaningless phrase for many of them.

Guess this is how MD's are' trained' Much improvement is needed asap

Been on since 2013