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I've given up giving up taking Effexor for the second time now. I had to start taking my Effexor again 4 days ago so I'm still in the midst of the horror show of withdrawal and the slow crawl back to something resembling sanity. I'm typing right now because I don't know what else to do with my thoughts of gloom and doom. My heart is pounding and I just want to throw up. I took a Xanax yesterday and it got me through, but I didn't take any today because I'm afraid of developing a new addiction. I just can't escape myself. I tried reading, crocheting, watching tv and I just can't concentrate. I took a walk this morning and that felt good, but the panic attacks and depression took hold again quickly. I did go to the doctor and he told me that I needed to get back on Effexor because my serotonin levels were obviously in the toilet (my word, not his). My personal torture is also having an affect on my husband. He has been patient, but everyone has their breaking point. I don't think he wants to sympathize much longer. If he gives up on me, I don't know what I'll do. If anyone has any helpful thoughts or information, I could sure use it now. Thanks

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Please start reading. There are tricks here already posted. Please do not ask your brain to focus. It can't right now.
The CBD oil will handle the grouchys. And the flu like symptoms. We are here with you.

I've been there ..Its a vicious cycle , trying to kick these meds No one warned about the terrible side effects of stopping or cutting down . Why ??? Why is that legal to put people thru this ? Greedy Big pharma gets away with pushing these meds on TV but takes NO responsibility for the bad after effects. Doctors too They pledge 'First do no harm' what a joke Most just say Keep taking these meds for life !! Hell NO

Meant to add Xanax is Hell to get off of I've tried for 3 day ( ran out ) and would up in the ER with horrid headache, 300 BP…unbearable anxiety There has to be a better way…

Gawd…that must be like trying to lose weight and quit smoking! I take Xanax. It helps because of anxiety and panic attacks. I was only sleeping 2 hrs @ a time at nite too. Since tapering the Effexor…I sleep thru the nite. But the Xanax helps if I wake up in a panic.