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I have reduced from 150mg to 75 mg about 6-7 weeks ago and are still having withdrawals. My Nurse Practioner wants me to be withdrawal free before reducing to 37.5 mg.
I read that it takes 2-4 weeks to get through the symptoms. Has anyone else had symptoms this long? Sometimes I feel very confused and can’t concentrate.

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@karhvp @parus @lovestheocean @tennesseegirl
Welcome to our group. Hmmm, about what your PA is saying....I sincerely hope you get to reading other experiences from the like minded folks here to see what withdrawing from Effexor is really like. I myself started getting off the drug last summer. I took my last dose of Effexor the 2nd week of March. I think my withdrawal ended yesterday.
In my humble opinion, you will end up withdrawing from this drug twice if you follow her instructions.
Now you did not share what dosage meaning are you on extended release caps? If you are, there is a way of opening the caps to remove beads of Effexor and reduce the dosage that way.
What do the rest of you think about what her PA is suggesting.
Again, welcome to our group. You will find lots of support here. The most important thing you can do is get to reading. Smiling at you, Bright Wings

I know that it takes me at least 4 weeks to start feeling like myself, and my dosage reductions have been much smaller than yours. I also experience confusion and difficulty concentrating. Perhaps a smaller reduction next time would be easier. Hang in there!

@amalia78 Here is a thought, have you tried CBD oil. It has really helped me in so many ways. Be kind to yourself.

Hi, Brightwings. I’m slowly tapering off Effexor as well. I’ve been having horrible muscle twitching in the evenings or whenever I try to relax the entire time I’ve been on Effexor (5+ years) —worse than RLS. Whole-body muscle jerking. 2 neurogists, my pcp, and psychiatrist have no idea what it is and I suspect it’s an Effexor side effect along with the extinguished sex drive. I would like to try CBD oil but don’t know if/how I can get it legally where I live. How do you get yours?

I am familiar with what you are talking about. The body twitching etc. I was taking a potassium tablet when that happened. I know someone else who uses magnesium for that. Not sure of the dosage of magnesium.
Also, head for the bathtub. Your choice, Epson salts or bubble bath. Both will relax you. However, wait an hour after getting out of tub to hit the sack. Its our bodies process to have to take time to recuperate after a hot bath or shower.
Wishing you well, Bright Wings

This is just a hunch, are you in Indianapolis?
Anyways, check at vape shops, both near you or across a border near you. I myself use the Flippin Hippee in Mountain home, AR. Google them. Ask questions. Listen! These are wonderful folks. They like me cuz I make them laugh.
So what is everyone doing to handle the rushes of emotion? Keep going, keep going, if you can't get over the mountain, go around it. It may take a little longer but I used to take 3 steps forward and slide back 2. When going around the mountain you don't lose as much ground if you start sliding. Anyway, this has taken me all the way to end my depression. Good luck and I am sending determination to go with that luck. Bright Wings