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Day six without the 150 mg a day. Ten years. So far my reaction has been brain zaps, not constantly, but definitely annoyingly there. Getting some body aches and low back pain, but that is probably due to resting so much. Some fear of the future. I do not know many people. Have kept my almost-adult kids in the loop. Weird almost-but-not-quite noises that are more of a sensation than a sound. Onward.

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Good for you, Loves the ocean. Sounds like you are coming along. I, too, love the ocean. I had to accompany my mother on a cruise when my stepfather suddenly died after paying for it.
I blogged about it on cruise critic. It is titled "My first voyage, Princendam, Circle of the Sum, 2006". Reading this will give you plenty of good brain chemicals. It is by being proactive we gracefully can get off this medication.

I have been gradually reducing my dosage from 225mg daily. Started when I was having problems with high blood pressure. At that time I also started Weight Watchers and have cut out caffeine, and become mindful re:salt. I think I took on too much! I have lost about 10 lbs, and my BP is much better. I am not experiencing anxiety. But I am very distractable and "out of it". Would this be considered "brain fog"?
Am taking turmeric for arthritis and feel it helps me with anxiety.
Just this week trying CBD oil and also increasing omega 3 (using flaxseed oil caps). Last dosage reduction, was about 3 weeks ago.
Now down to c.164 mg.
I am 78, grandmother and retired. Really appreciate the info I find here. Do not want to give in to this drug! Hate that it is so powerful.

Where are you getting the CBD oil? I would like to try, but don’t know where to get it. Thanks!

I get CBD oil at the Flippin Hippee, Mountain Home, Arkansas. Google them. They can probably mail it out tomorrow. Tell them Cute Susie sent you. I am using Lazarus Naturals. 225 mg. 3 drops, 2 to 3 times a day. It completely changed the game (not) of getting off the Effexor. Gave me a peace I wasn't feeling while getting off this.
Sticking together makes this so much easier for all of us.
YIPPEE SKIPPEE. We can do this!!!

Does anyone know if CBD oil helps with relaxing so you can fall asleep? That's a problem with me. I discovered as an adult, after I had children, that I have an attention deficit. Both my son and daughter do and that's what made me realize I did. Back in my day they either called me lazy or if they were nice, an underachiever. I wonder too if you can use it if you are on immunosuppressants. I suspect it would be OK but of course would check first.
I bring this up because when my daughter was writing her college essays she wrote one on having ADD -- my son had ADHD. She said it's not that you don't pay attention, it's that you pay attention to EVERYTHING, which I find very true. As I lay in bed at night trying to think quiet thoughts and say some prayers my mind goes off in a million different directions. If I am concerned about something, it makes it even worse.

I am using the CBD oil to help me sleep. I have to say I had my doubts this stuff would work. Just more hippee stuff, I thought. But do you know what, it really does help WHEN I USE IT CONSISTANTLY.
If I take it hit or miss, I lose ground on my withdrawal symptoms. Racing mind, can't fall or stay asleep, and the crazy rushes of emotions. Wow, I realize I didn't have as many today. Yea cuz they suck.
I had a sleep disorder since I was 3 years old. Crazy abuse in those days and nights. Long story short, my therapist taught me to say over and over again, this is the time for sleep, this is the time for sleep, etc and so on. I have other sleep tricks too.
When my mind is so overactive, I was taught to think of thoughts like a merry go round...one turn all the way around and I had to get off.
That means...when I notice I am starting to repeat my thoughts, its time to repeat over and over, now is the time to sleep...
I really did get rid of my sleep disorder. The first nights are exhausting, but I did learn how to quiet my brain. I certainly hope this helps.
Are these little tips helping??? I have so many tips to share. The more you speak of your challenges, the more tips pop up to share.

I do not want to sound ignorant, but what is CBD? How do you use it? What is it used for?

Thank you for any information you can give me about it.

Ronnie (GRANDMAr)


I have written several posts about CBD on other threads. CBD is a derivative of marijuana that eases anxiety and some pain without the "high" that comes from the THC in marijuana. There is usually a small amount of THC in CBD but not enough to cause a high. It is safe, and was effective for my withdrawal anxiety from Tramadol 50 mg. I will copy my post with links to education and on line purchase information for reputable sites.

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@grandmar and everyone

Here's the post:

For those who are interested in using CBD/marijuana as a pain or anxiety reliever, here are two websites that provide excellent quality products and one has an extensive educational programs that are free. One series of the education programs helps each person determine their own dosage for their problems.

1. http://www.cbdlivingwater.org — has good products. I used the Living Water to help me withdraw from Tramadol.

2. https://mjstherapeutics.org — this is where I purchased my CBD Daily tincture. It's an excellent quality product and they have others you can order online.

3. https://healer.com/about-us/ educational programs. I need to take their education programs and determine the correct dosage for my arthritis and radiculopathy pain.

These are good sites with reliable products and information. I have tested these links now and they work.

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@brightwings I have tried similar techniques to what you mention. I basically think that most of them work because they bore you to sleep. One of them I read about that guaranteed you would fall asleep quickly was counting to a certain number as you inhale through your mouth, holding it for a few seconds, and then slowly exhaling it, I think to the count of 7. I found that didn't help because keeping track of all of those numbers made me more alert!

The idea of repeating something over and over could help though. Another I have read that has helped sometimes is thinking of a letter and then all the words you can think of beginning with that letter. When you run out of words go to another letter, and so on.

Thanks for the suggestions.