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Hello All,

I am on day 21 off Effexor and life is going really well. The first 7 to 10 days were the worst. Then the withdrawal symptoms began to taper off. It feels like I won the superbowl so I should head to Walt Disney World. In fact I might just do that. 🙂

I don't expect to share more on there as my journey off the medication is complete. Now it's time to build on all the positive changes and silver linings that happened over the past three weeks. If you need me please feel free to reach out. I wish you all the best on your journey. The experiences people have shared are filled with excellent insights and recommendations. Work with a doctor your trust who understands you and this medication. All the best.

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Congratulations, @jmanon. Thank you for your testimony- it's helpful for other community members to see that there is a light at the end of the Effexor tunnel!

I tried to take a half a dose yesterday…BIG mistake. I barely made it to the chair beside me.

@kathymurphy55 — just wanted to touch base and see how it's going. Are you still reducing your dosage?

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