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I don’t have tips because I’m only 5 days into my weaning off process. I’ve tried numerous times in the past, but always gave up due to the withdrawal side effects. I’ve successfully gone from 225 to 150 mg without any effects at all. 5 days ago I went from 150 to 112.5mg and the unpleasant physical effects started appearing yesterday. My brain feels like it’s in a vice grip and no painkiller is alleviating the discomfort. The vertigo and nausea have also begun.

I’m really disappointed that here in Canada (I don’t know if this is the case in the US as well), immediate release Effexor tablets are no longer available; I was counting on using them for this process. How I’m going to wean with capsules is beyond me.

Right now I want to die and it’s only the beginning. Ugh.

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Here's my method. Open the capsule and remove 5 of the beads each day for 2 or 3 days. Then progress to 10 beads per day etc. etc. It takes a while but this method has kept the withdrawal symptoms to a minimum. No brain zaps or dizziness. I do get some days where I feel a little sick for a few hours, but it passes quickly. Right now I'm down to 37.5 mg from my start at 150mg. I've been a bit reluctant to start weaning off the last 37.5 because I have been experiencing some panic attacks lately and am afraid to push my luck any further. Once I feel that I've got a grip on the panic attacks, then I'll use the same method to finish the deal. Good luck.

Kippybee. I’m so sorry the tools you seek don’t exist in Canada. I hope you find what you need to alleviate your withdrawal symptoms. Please don’t give up. I, too, am just starting my wean process and feel the negative effects. I’m glad to have found this site and support. I wish you all the best. SARNM