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I’m starting my regime to get off venaflaxine XR. I’ve been on 225 mg for about 16 years, so I know what I’m up against. I do feel that it has contributed to my weight gain, ~40 pounds over the 16 years, but other factors (sedentary job, turning 50, alcohol) are also factors. I started taking 150 mg early this week and plan to acclimate to this before additional decreases. I do have plenty of Xanax and lunesta to get through situational anxiety or sleeplessness. I’d greatly appreciate feedback/guidance from those who have succeeded on a similar path. I can’t accept that it is impossible. Thank you.

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I also blame my weight gain on it.
Doctor said it should make me lose if anything. I don't believe it

It's not impossible, just difficult. I've been decreasing from 150mg over the last 4 months. I've been removing the beads inside the capsule by 5-10 per day (very gradual). Even with this gradual decrease, I've had some not so good days. The dry mouth is especially bad and has not decreased. I'm down to 37.5 mg. I've been stuck here because I'm dealing with panic attacks and wonder if they will let up on their own before I attempt to decrease further. Take it slow. P.S. I've lost 10 pounds during these last 4 months and I do think it has a lot to do with the drug.

I too have gained weight! For some odd reason, my appetite has increased and I am craving sweets. I've been off of Effexor for 10 days now. It has been a difficult road weaning down from 150 mg. The hardest stage for me is this one. I'm still so sick and dizzy.

It seems like the older you get and the longer you are on Effexor contributes to your ability to get off of it. I've been a depressive personality since I was 15 and have struggled with depression, anxiety and panic attacks since then. My husband died in 2001 and I spiraled into a deep dark place. It was then that I started on Effexor and ambien (lunesta). Its been a steady diet of both since then. I tried to get off of Effexor twice; the last time was one week ago. It was a disaster and still is. My doctor says I'll be on an anti-depressant the rest of my life. He says that some people are just deficient in serotonin just like some people are deficient in insulin. You can't fight it because you think having to take an anti-depressant makes you less than perfect. I also take ambien every night to sleep. I guess that's where I'll be forever. Everyone is different. You have to find your place. P.S. I do drink wine every night and it helps immensely.

I never felt the need for Effexor or Xanax till my sweet hubby died.& daughter had a stroke, grandson had major issues. Left a hole in my life. Hubby & I were a team… kept each other going …Loved him deeply .. still miss him every day I'm not the same person I was 8 yrs ago..