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I'm not coming off effexor but am tapering a Benzo right now and it's tough but doable. I'm a fighter and will be a winner. I saw my Psychiatrist today after she received the results of my genetic testing. My body is not tolerate of anything but Pristiq. Both she and I decided I'm going to continue my 6 month taper off my Benzo and call it done…..No more pills. I am however with her approval going to try CBD oil to aid me in my withdrawls. You can do this. Jump in and get your life back. One day at a time, low and slow in the taper. You deserve to be free and happy. There are a lot of us out here tapering and supporting…My Very Best

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Hi, @tundra — since you mentioned tapering off benzodiazepines (benzos), you might be interested in one of these discussions on that subject:
https://mayocl.in/2KbEkNU (protracted benzo withdrawal)
https://mayocl.in/2KFYD6k (FDA warnings on opioids and benzos)

Interesting about your genetic testing and the results with your body only being tolerant of one medication. Will you tell us more about your testing and what led you to do it?

Hi Lisa, I had genetic testing because I have fought for 15 years with anxiety and depression. I wanted off of Benzo's and was going to try SSRI's but my doctor and I have decided not to. I am extremely sensitive to all meds so I'm tapering off my Serax at 10% a month and using CBD to help me. My Psychiatrist is working with me through the tapering and my CBD's. I am looking for positive stories and am staying clear of doom and gloom. I had hit tolerance about 3-4 months prior to starting my taper so I've been fighting hard for a while now.