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It’s now been about 2-1/2 months since stopping Effexor. I was hoping to not have to go back on any anti-depressants but don’t see that happening. I’ve been trying the cbd oil but that doesn’t seem to help either. I see my doctor next week and will talk to her about it. I hate the thought of going through the different meds again trying to find one that works for me. In the past I’ve tried Zoloft, Celexa, Paxil, and Effexor. Right before stopping all the meds she suggested I try Wellbutrin so I’m wondering if I should give it a try. I’m so afraid of going back on any of these meds since seeing the effects these drugs really have on us but I’m making everyone around me miserable including myself. Has anyone had success with Wellbutrin? Is it as hard to stop taking as the Effexor?

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I truly believe you MUST want to be clean and not look for anything to replace any one of these poisons. Yes it is very tough. But you and you alone CAN be clean. I pray for the best outcome for you. I stopped smoking the same way after 47 years of smoking. You just must do things for yourself

Have you tried the genetic testing to see what might be the best drug for you?

@ainsleigh I have not tried the genetic testing but will talk to my doctor about it next week!

It is EXTREMELY difficult to get off of Effexor and any real knowledgeable psych doc will admit it to you…..I do not take any antidepressants now and do not plan on it again after being on them for almost 25 years…..Effexor is the worst……In about 07 prior to being prescribed Effexor, I tried Welbutrin…..I now put it on my list of "medicines I am allergic to". I had horrible panic attacks within the first few days of taking it and therefore stopped taking it. That was me and my personal reaction to it.

Thank you fior sharing. Wellbutrin was the one I was considering changing to if I thought I still needed something.

So did any of the ones you tried work for any amount of time?

The one's I did try all seemed to help for awhile….Zoloft was the first….I found I needed more & more of it over the years in order to feel ok…..I also lost my sense of humor while on Zoloft & felt sort of zombi ish often while taking it….I believe next I went to Lexapro & stayed on that one for several years……lots of weight gain, but maneageable mental health through the trauma I was dealing with throughout so many years.
And just to reiterate, after sharing my own experiences and asking lot's of people many questions, I did learn that some people were taking welbutrin and it worked for them in whatever capacity it was perscribed to them. The reaction I personally had with welbutrin was quite intense and included overwhelming anxiety for several days from my personal experience. One more experience I have not had is being prescribed different psych medicines together and having the psych doc try different mixtures of this or that medication. Each time I was prescribed a new antidepressant, I stuck with just that medication alone. I did began taking ativan in 2003 to manage anxiety and anger I was having and continued taking that once or twice a day as directed by doc through 2012 when I decided to stop that med after experiencing withdrawal symptoms after skipping days of it.

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