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I dont know if anyone can help me, been on 150 mg for 2 yrs and 4 months the last 2 months was 300 mg. Well i have gained almost 50 lbs since being on this medicine. And for the last 2 yrs i have been sweating profusely especially at night. Never under my armpits but around my neck face chest legs. I would wake up from a very strange dream n find myself soaked from sweat i would have to take a quick shower n hope to go back to sleep. I still sweat alot i really hate going outside. My bf says i freeze him with the ac im always hot. I have ptsd so the dr prescribes prozasin for my “nightmares” i have been taking it almost a month and my “nightmares/night sweats” have not decreased. I hurt my back recently and found out i have a bulging disc my primary care wants me to get off the effexor because she believes thats why i have gained so much weight. Plus i really dont think it helps my depression tbh. Gaining all this weight has made me even more depressed than before. I went into my psychs office n was crying because ive gained so much and i cant sleep. He prescribed adderall like wth. I want off the effexor and If i loose some weight itll help my back pain im trying to avoid back surgery i have small children to take care of. Is 300 mg hard to get off of? Is there anything i can do for the nausea. And vertigo. Any information or tips will help.

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I know this is really old… I've been off of my effexor (that I took for 3 years) for 7 months now… I gained 50 pounds on it. I started out with a Presidents honor roll in college and ended up not even being able to make D's.. I couldn't remember ANYTHING. At first it was just losing my keys, not being able to remember what someone just told me a few days ago.. then I literally couldn't even study because I wasn't soaking up any information, and I was getting fat and I'd already been on antidepressants for 8 years (starting when i was ONLY 12). I stopped them cold turkey back in July. Its February and i will say I feel my old self coming back.. but it's so slow and I'm still so fucking exhausted. I dont experience the awful brain zaps anymore. I do still have lots of really bad agitation. I cry every day still. I was 180 when I stopped the medication, I am down to 120… I refuse to get back on them. They ruined my adolescence and my ability to make friends and act like a normal teen. I cant believe they give these to people… I am still recovering, almost a year later… and I though I feel depression, it's better than nothing at all

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