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So glad my insight helped! I hope you are doing better! Depression can be hell – we didn’t choose this, but are stuck with dealing with it! I wish you well! Let me know if you have any questions.

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Hi my name isMarlene. I have been on effexor ER for about 4 years. Recently felt like it popped out. NP put me on 60mg Cymbalta for one week with the usual dose of effexor. Second week an effexor every other day with the cymbalta. Then that's it for effexor. I was taking 300mg effexor. From what I've read here, this doesnt seem to be enough time. No side effects yet, I've always had super chills on veneflexine. Hands shake. I've been more agitated than normal, feeling flighty. I need right knee replaced, so joint pain there. Cant go for walks. Also have a spinal fusion in my lower back, arthritis. Pain mge put me on hydrocodone, lowest dose, but I went off. Afraid of becoming addicted + I couldnt get medical insurance. Hearing all these different side effects of withdrawal makes me a bit scared. I hope this NP kknows what shes doing.

carethe2, what did you end up on? Here it is 2019 but my path is very much like yours was. Took me excruciating months to get off effexor and then a combo of tiny effexor with Prozac. Prozac for a couple of months, but is was bad. Now on Lexapro and it's not taking care of my anxiety and depression. So it's been 10 full months at least of messed up mind. My doc thinks I need to be patient and that I should get up high on Lexapro. Been on 20 then 30 and now 40 of Lexapro hoping and praying that the next dosage level will work.
What did you settle on taking to remedy your situation? I'd love to hear.

@careth2 Thanks so much for all the tips you gave Nov3/2016 re withdrawing from Effexor XR. I went through a very similar situation as you did. I am curious to know if you now found a good replacement medication. Are you doing much better now? I am still struggling with finding a drug that works.

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