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Thanks very much for your thoughts. Much appreciated

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I had no idea that Cymbalta going from 60 to 30 mgs would make my whole life completely change my whole brain. I have had so much trauma in my life that it was simply a way of life for me. I never thought meds had so many effects. My doctor gave it to me for pain and my depression that went to the lowest point ever. I have applied for disability. It makes me sick. I cannot do the things I used to do I am fighting to leave my home and do something. I get out but only to get back home as soon as possible. I am back on my Prozac in a smaller dose If I go off Cymbalta -all my pain comes back and I do not want that. I did not know how bad I was doing until my best friend said something to me about my behavior. My best friend has been helping me pay my bills.

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