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Well, isn't that wonderful for me. I'm 72 with insurable pain disease. What am I supposed to do?

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As I understand it, the FDA advice is a warning, not a requirement or prohibition. Does that mean patients using the double-barrel medications can work out a response with their doctor? And if not, get a second opinion from another doctor? I think so. Will that work for you @galady ?


It may be a warning and not a requirement, but doctors and clinics, including the one I go to, are cutting way back on the maximum dosage doctors are allowed to prescribe. My pcp told me that if I need more than 100mg of my meds combined, I would have to have a clearance from my pain specialist because of the new restrictions placed on him.


@jimhd, can you ask your PCP whose restrictions he's dealing with? Is the FDA warning becoming another authority's requirement? Is the Justice Department involved? Is the CMS (Medicare and Medicaid) threatening to not pay on the basis of dosage or combinations? Is this a case of a state Medicaid agency or program placing restrictions? Are insurance companies threatening to not pay? If so, how do they know about dosage? Which companies? Are there any organizations gearing up to resist the dosage and combination limitations?


The clinic my doctor works with is under the hospital umbrella. The dosage decree came from them. I don't know how the decision was made by them. I might see if I can find out.


I believe it is requiem ent of the DEA. These Dr's are scared to death of the DEA. they can close down, arrest, or lose their licence. I'm on my 4th opinion, but the DEA can red flag me for "doctor shopping". It's bad.