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I started taking Klonopin in January of 2006, at 1mg, for anxiety disorder. I was taking 450mg of Wellbutrin already. This was before peripheral neuropathy entered my life.

The first few years with neuropathy I didn't need any medication, but around three years ago, I began experiencing increasing pain in my feet. I tried every medication for neuropathy, and then the neurologist recommended seeing a pain specialist. He took me through a bunch of meds that are off label for neuropathy, but are known to help some people. Nothing was helping. In the meantime, my pcp had me start taking morphine sulfate contin, and over the course of a year or so, I gradually worked up to 30mg tid. I finally found relief from the pain.

Last year I had a spinal cord stimulator implant in June and it reduced my pain by 80%. After that, I weaned off the morphine, to figure out if it was the morphine or Cymbalta that was helping my residual pain. After being off the morphine for 2-3 weeks, I knew that it was the medication I needed. I later weaned off the Cymbalta and didn't observe any effect, positive or negative, on the neuropathy pain. When I restarted morphine, I was able to get relief at 15mg bid.

Over the past couple of months, I've been having increased pain, and the stimulator is adjusted to its strongest setting, so I plan to ask my doctor to increase the morphine, beginning with adding a third pill at lunch. That's still a relatively low dose.

Back to the Klonopin, I tried several years ago to wean off it and went from 1mg to .75mg. After a few sleepless nights, I gave up. One of my doctors recommended that I continue taking it because it keeps me from acting out my dreams, specifically leg motion - read that, kicking my wife. She doesn't want me to stop taking the Klonopin. But, as I said, it's only 1mg.

My takeaway from the opioid/benzodiazepine discussion is that I will continue taking them because morphine is my last resort. I've run out of options. I think that my BIPAP will lower the risk of stopping breathing.


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I agree with @ parus in regards to everyone being different and that is what I hate about the FDA and DEA making blanket pronouncements. They serve to scare physicians into not doing what is in their patient's best interests. When I was a financial advisor, the first SEC rule was "know your client". I assume physicians (good ones) do the same and should know exactly what will work for them even if developed through trial and error. I think the idea of a specialist for everything limits this relationship and wish there was a medical degree for a "one stop shop" or at least offices designed for one of each and group reviews, which is how I believe the best practices medical facilities handle treatment. Anyone ever had the genetic profiling done by either a MD or Psych.? Eventually, I think this will be almost as common as routine blood work to at least point toward the medication(s) that will serve each one the best.

At m point of pain, don't care about stopping breathing. At least my pain will stop and I won't be paralyzed.

@galady, I have been in exactly the same place in terms of not feeling like I was taking a huge risk with the shape I was in. I am sorry that you are not getting relief and wish the best for you and your situation.

My mom is in the same type of pain, and tells me regularly she is at the point she just doesn't care anymore. If it wasn't for the care of my father I truly believe she would give up and had rather be with our heavenly father than here on earth in the pain she has to withstand daily. I pray for those who are in this type of agony and hope each day something or someone can find a medication or procedure to help those suffering. I am looking for answers as you are and there does not seem to be any easy or good ones...