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I was prescribed Lorazepam years ago (at 27 yrs. Old during my divorce) for my anxiety/panic attacks. I really only took them when I needed to fly for my job or for vacation. I had a few times when I had particularly bad panic attacks and took the pills. Fortunately, I never liked how I felt on them or the "hangover" I had after 8 hours or so. I usually just waited through my anxiety or panic, using Yoga breathing to calm down. I knew they only lasted about 20 minutes and that I wouldn't die from the anxiety. When I adjusted to Citalopram 6 years ago, I noticed that I no longer had anxiety or panic attacks. I flew to Costa Rica & Panama, and even zip lined down 7 lines with no anxiety or panic. I felt so free from my old fears, and it is due to the antidepressant.

Since Tramadol also affects your SSRI, I'm a little concerned that I may have anxiety when we fly to Tahiti in a month. I say this only because I had a lot of anxiety when withdrawing from the Tramadol. I used CBD derivative from marijuana to help me calm down as I had a lot of muscle tremors as well as anxiety and was not able to think clearly at the time. It was very helpful. I no longer use it, but will again if I experience a lot of anxiety for some reason. It is not addictive for me at least.

We'll see how well I do with flying 8 hours in the plane. At least I think Tahiti as the destination will be worth it! This is my husband and my long overdue honeymoon completion. When we married 35 years ago we had planned to go to Tahiti, but went only to Hawaii instead, due to work and other responsibilities. Now that we're retired and he's 72 and I'm 69, we are having our honeymoon in Tahiti.

Gail B
Volunteer Mentor

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