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Insomnia and Cancer

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@lacey I am sorry to hear about your sleep problems. I wasn’t familiar with the medicine that you were previously taking, however, have you considered consulting with a sleep specialist? A sleep study might be helpful in determining the kind of sleep disorder you have. If your previous medicine was one that is addictive, it might take time to adjust to something different. I know of many people who use Trazodone with good results. Perhaps the dosage needs adjusting? In any event, it would be a good time to talk to your doctor regarding your options. Best wishes for better sleep.

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Thanks hopeful, maybe I did not give it enough time to work, it is a 50 mg. which I think is way
high, the zolpiderm was only 5mg. It is difficult for me to try the sleep specialist, as you have
to spend time away from home and I could not do that, with my 3 doggies. There will be a
solution, there is to every dilemma. Thanks for your input. Lacey

@lacey Actually 50 mg is low. I know of people recovering from multiple cancers and other chronic illnesses who take 75 up to 150. A call to your doctor may provide the OK to bring up the dosage a bit, however, if the Ambien you were taking is an addictive med, it might still take time to be rid of the effect. (As I recall, you said you had been taking the Ambien for several years.) Light exercise might help provide the feeling of sleepiness that you need. On that thought, have you tried walking or Tai-Chi?

Hi Hopeful, I have been on zolpiderm for around a year now and it really helps me to get
a good nights sleep, It is suppose to be addictive, but I take a 10mg pill and split it , so
it’s only 5 mg and I never take it , only for sleep. I do belong to a group called livestrong
at the Ymca, we do all kinds of exercise and use the machines, I walk my 3 doggies in
the morning and I do a lot around the house, so I am getting plenty of exercise, I have
tried many other meds and none of them work. I was told about a co. called GoodRx.com
you can get your meds from Walgreens for a fraction of the price and you by-pass the ins. co.
So, we’ll see where that leads me. Thanks for your input, appreciate any help I can get. Lacey

@lacey I’m so impressed with your exercise program. That is great. I’m glad to hear about your participation in Livestrong. I need to look into that as well. Sleep problems have a way of resolving themselves with time and patience. Best wishes and keep in touch.