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Protracted Benzo withdrawal

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I read it's a symptom of stress/ anxiety so if we can take something for those,like the benzo I am suffering from the protracted benzo withdrawal from,the muscle issue would be relieved and what can we take that is not a benzo or benzo like medication?

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There is nothing to take for Benzo WD.

You could take something for the tight muscles that doesn’t work on GABA.

Some people find magnesium helpful but that is GABAergic.

If you are in a country that prescribed it some people find Flexeril helpful, some find Tizanidine helpful.

It depends why your muscles are tight.

If it is tightness rather than true spasm the above probably eon’t Help.

The best thing is cold (ice packs wrapped to prevent burning) alternated with moist heat.

Also trying to gradually increase very gentle exercises (look up stuff you can do in bed if necessay such as those for people with ME CFS).

If at all possible see a good physio who does rehab with people who are very debilitated or recovering from strokes or works with people with other neurological conditions or brain injuries. You ought to be able to get someone to come to your home for that.

It won’t be easy and it will be painful but it is the only way I think.

I see a physio and massage therapist but as I taper down again the sensory, perceptual and muscle stuff gets worse and worse as does the terror of everything in my own house.

I don’t think you will make any progress without physio/rehab help.

Also, what is your diet like. Many people find either the Keto or wholefood plant based diet helps a lot.

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