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Protracted Benzo withdrawal

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I had been a hermit for about 4 years, and being unable to picture things in my mind I attribute to the same anxiety that left me unable to leave the house. Although I was really only a hermit for four years a good part of 25 years I had extreme difficulty leaving the house. Often I had to get high on booze, or benzo’s to just get me out of the door to shop for groceries. This in turn manifested itself in severe addiction which took years for me to over come.

THERE IS HOPE. I RECENTLY HAD KETAMINE TRANSFUSIONS AND MY DEPRESSION AND MY ANXIETY ARE NEARLY GONE. This is a relatively new approach which has not been FDA approved although a doctor can do it off-label. It would take millions of dollars in testing to get it FDA approved and the makers of Ketamine would not find it financially feasible to spend the money for the testing since the drug has been out around fifty years now and it costs very little and therefore the profit would be too small to pay for the testing.

Look online under ketamine and depression and ketamine and anxiety and I have not seen one bad review. I had it two weeks ago and after having suicidal idealization every day for almost twenty years I have had only one day since the treatment where it occurred. My sleep which was usually limited to four hours a night has bumped up to six or seven hours a night and my anxiety is on tenth of what it was.

I strongly advice you to look into this. It has worked wonders for me.

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I nave been off since 2-2013 and have worsened each year,now can barely move as when I try to stand my back,leg and shoulder muscles contract so hard I am forced to sit back down !Mind is messed up,lost cognitive abilities and all mid and long term memory ,wondering if I will survive? I will look into what you did but everything I have tried made me worse!

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