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my adult daughter was diagnosed with MS and I see changes in her memory and her attention span. she is in constant pain and looses everything. Leave water running and flooded the house twice. burned her leg 2nd and 3rd degree burns and didn’t know it. fell flat on her face and said she just slipped. Please help me understand this disease. she seems aloof.

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Hi, all MS cases are different. Memory loss is one of the systems. I was diagnosed with MS this September and my joints hurt badly. The doctors cannot say how long she had MS system it’s based on what she tell them once they discover she have MS. One of my nurses did share with me based on age the diagnosis could be worsened from 20-40 years old, but there are good treatments that can help with relapse. Just curious do she have a high premium insurance so she can afford the best specialty drugs to keep her from remission and relapsing? But remember all cases are different, for pain maybe a 5 day steroid infusion may help ease the pain until she began her treatment, with her memory lapses she need to do things right then and there. On a personal note I don’t know the family belief but putting God first and prayer helped me. I hope this information was helpful.

@ydawson thank you for saying all MS cases are different. My sister was diagnosed with MS 4 months ago and it is progressive. I would love advice from other patients on what I can do to best support her? It is difficult because we are in different states. I would appreciate any advice. @ricksraleigh I see that you posted that your Mom has progressive MS also, how is she doing?

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