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Alzheimer's: Caregiver Advice Requested

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Hi @cmm740, and welcome. I feel for you. My grandfather, who I was extremely close to a lived with my entire life, fought a long battle with Alzheimer’s and it wasn’t until the very late stages of his disease that we understood it was dementia because he hid so much from us.

My best advice to you, as someone who witnessed it and wish I knew then what I know now, is to reach out to the local Alzheimer’s Association chapter depending on where they end up with the move. Most chapters have a range of resources – everything from programs for those in early stages to lots of different types of support for caregivers (including online, phone, and in person, which could support your MIL).

With my grandfather, we found that he was more willing to listen to an authority figure such as his doctor or accountant, rather than any of us. He got in a few car accidents (that he hid from us), but often things would get a little bit better when the police would give him a good talking to about his dangerous behavior.

Hope this helps and best to you and your family,

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Thanks @caretothepeople for your response. It’s such an awful disease, isn’t it. We’ve reached out to our local Alzheimer’s chapter and have found some local support groups in the area for my mother-in-law. I had always thought that the those organizations simply fund research, but that’s obviously not the case. They do so much more!

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