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Reversal of Nissen Fundoplication

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has anyone had a 360 degree wrap reversed to a 270 degree wrap with success? My 360 wrap was done last nov.1,2016 and has been a nightmare ever since. I have had 4 endoscopies, 3 dilations . I can eat food ok , bit as soon as i am done the burn starts. the thoracic surgeon would like to do another 48 hr bravo test to see what is going on. Initially it was thought that the wrap was too tight, based on all the endoscopies. I understand if i get a 270 degree wrap i have to start all over with liquid diet, etc. and then more possible dilations. After my gallbladder came out in july27, 2017 it was so enlarged that 4 holes had to be used laproscoppically to get it out. Since Nov. 2016 i have had 8 holes punched in me. after the gallbaladder was out my heartburn and nausea increased. The antacids do not work. Also my GI doctor said that if i stay on prevacid 60 mg i might develope dementia, osteoperosis, kidney disease. The PPI’s and H2 blockers are creating more problems than not. Does anyone have an official FDA document the covers all this. Pleaase respond if anyone has had the change from 360 to 270 degree nissen. I also have spurs between c3-c4 in my neck which need treatment, but i can’t do anything yet due to this continuing heartburn issue. any help or thoughts?….thank you… kozlo52

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I had a nissen in 2013 and a toupet in 2015. Full of mesh and adhesions. Still sick daily… all 3 years. Weight down to 106. 6 surgeries total. Get a 2nd or 3rd opinion. I say dont do it… unless you go to Mayo. Seems we all have to redo and redo… and suffer horribly inbetween. I am meeting with totally new surgeon in a week to see what can be done for me now. Adhesions and hernia hurting me so bad. Dysphagia worsening. I wish you well. Fight for YOU. Its got to get better… or more tolerable anyways. Good luck.