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Reversal of Nissen Fundoplication

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I've not had your surgery, but I've had a problem with thrush of the throat and mouth recently. My ENT physician said to increase my water intake to 64-80 oz. a day and I should not have to worry about recurrence of thrush. I think this is good advice so am letting you know as drinking more may help your recurring thrush. I agree the Nystatin is pretty tough to swallow. It does provide relief of symptoms so I really appreciate it. Gail B. Ledesma

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Thank ypu for your advice. I'm on 4 mg prednisone for my rheumatoid arthritis and as long as i take any starch or sugar the thrush will form on the tongue. A quickie fix is to take about 20% hydrogen proxide and 80 % water and shake well in a bottle. Then take a paper towel wetted with this mix and scrub the surface of the tongue to get rid of the thrush. Then take a dry paper towel and dry the tongue. Then you will see the thrush rubbed off the tongue. But the back part of the tongue you don't know. If you try to gargle with this mix it will burn your throat. Thrush is a fungus. Are you on any steroid that might be causing this?... thanks....kozlo52

Hi @kozlo52, not from a nissen, but @rhodan97 has been battling reoccurring thrush. @rhodan97, do you have any insights that you can share?