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Reversal of Nissen Fundoplication

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I had one dilation but still have problems but not as bad as yours. Wish I had never had it done. I still can’t vomit if I need to just dry heaves. Miserable!

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I met with a surgeon on Tuesday and have scheduled a redo on my nissen for April 19 . I was having a dilation almost monthly with two having to be done in the ER. The outcome is my wrap is way to tight. He will go in and take off half the wrap to widen it so i will finely be able to eat with out food getting stuck. I never really vomit from my stomach because the food usually doesn’t make it done that far, it will get blocked going down and than if i eat or drink it just piles on top of what is stuck and i end up throwing it all up. It is a nightmare and i, too wish i never had it done. I will keep you posted on how it goes.

i wish you well. I may still pursue having my nissen undone. I never had any gagging or nausea until this was done. Please keep me informed…..thank you….kozlo52

I will

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Here is some information from Mayo Clinic about the revision of Nissen Fundoplication
I would also invite you to view this older discussion on Connect, and I hope @pawsboy9, @gregoryd, @tgirl, @SherryD, and our Mentor @kdubois, will join this conversation and share their experiences:
@kozlo52, have you spoke to your doctors about reversing the Nissen fundoplication? What are their thoughts?

I have not spoken to the doctor yet. i did talk to my GI doctor and he said the prognosis of low grade barrett’s dysplasia was correct. So if i get this undone then i have have to still deal with massive amounts of antacids as well as a possible RFA (radio frequency ablation) of the questionable bad cells in the esophagus. The RFA is painful as well as a lot of swelling of the tissue, which means liquid diet again. i have to address my other problems of my stenosis from C3-C7 in my neck as well as L4-L5 in my back. I did not get this procedure at the right time. i only hope that things settle down in the esophagus for now. Today is 117 days after the fundo….kozlo52

I did review your referenced website for the older discussions. Now i have tried something different for my RA and back/neck pain. Advil makes an enteric coated 200 mg ibuprofen that is designed to be absorbed thru the small intestine. It is a brown coated pill. i have talked to the advil people and that is what they told me. Well after 2 hours i still got heartburn. How is this possible since it is dseigned to breakdown in the small iintestine? Since my wrap is good according to the surgeon, why am i still getting heartburn? I am on 30 mg x2 of prevacid; 1000mg sulcrafate x4. i will get back to the surgeon again., but are there any ideas? Personally either the hiatal is not really fixed or the vegus nerve has been disturbed? What procedure would could be used to verify vegus nerve is still ok?… thank you…kozlo52

@kozlo52 I’m so sorry that you continue to have heartburn issues after surgery, especially while juggling additional medical stuff. I have been fortunate and haven’t had any heartburn post nissen fundoplication surgery (10/18/2016 at Mayo), and I have had the post-surgery testing to check my wrap. Post-surgery, to check the status of the wrap and the hernia, what kind of testing did they do… esophagram?

Kelly , i really don’t know what they did to verify the status of the wrap and hernia. We were told by the surgeon that everrything went well and was ok. But i will ask them about the esophagram to verify wrap and hiatal hernia integrity…..don’t forget i kave RA and even though i take my NSAID Mobic, i still get heartburn 7 hours later. They tell me this is due to the pill hitting some of the upper esophagus muscles on the way down and aggravates a burn. i don’t believe it. Thanks for the advice…..kozlo52

Immediately after my surgery, while I was still unconscious, Mayo did some imaging on me to check the wrap… BUT a month or so after my surgery, my Mayo doctors ordered another esophagram (just like the one I had pre-surgery) to check the wrap and to see how everything was functioning. If you haven’t had one post-surgery and are still having heartburn issues, I would definitely ask.

Something’s awry if you are experiencing heartburn no matter what else you are taking. Daily, I take a pill at 8:00 a.m., another at noon, two at 5:00 p.m., and I take other pills as needed, and I don’t have any heartburn.

I have taken 2 prevacid daily for years to help control my Barretts Esophagus. I continued to take them after my wrap;. The new surgeon that i saw last week that is going to attempt to fix my wrap said that i should not have to take any meds, he explained that because the wrap prevents acid from going back through the esophagus, no meds are needed. I have stopped and will havwait two weeks to see if i still experience reflux, if i do, he says that besides my wrap being to tight, it would also be to loose at some point and he will have to fix that also. 🙁