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Reversal of Nissen Fundoplication

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Did they test the functionality of your esophagus first? I just had a Nissen on Oct. 18 at Mayo - Rochester, and they tested my esophageal function beforehand. If it wasn't functioning well enough, they would have done a 270º wrap instead of a 360º wrap. Luckily, mine worked well.

Unfortunately, my brother had a Nissen a few years ago by a doctor in NY. They didn't test his esophageal functionality first, and his doesn't function at 100%. He didn't have to have surgery to fix it though because he ended up getting sick and having allergies to moving to a new environment so badly that he sneezed and coughed enough that the surgery undid itself.

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I know one symptom of Reflux is a dry chronic cough but I heard today a cough can also be a sign of Sleep Apnea! Has anyone else heard this?

Yes, i did have the test done first and it came out fine. Last week i had a repeat of the test plus a barium swallow test I see my gastro doctor next week and we will talk about have the reversal done. In the last two weeks i have ended up in the ER because i couldn't get food down and they did a dilation and i have had to throw up at least three times and wait for food to go down. It usually takes about 1/2 hour. This surgery did not work at all for me but i am very concerned what problems the reversal will bring.

This is scaring me because I will eventually have to have mine redone mine came loose in a Cervical neck Surgery. I'm back on Aciphex and Zantac at night. I do ok at times but my husband said I have the dry hacking cough I had for 18 yrs at nite and I notice it some during the day! I sure don't won't my next one too tight! Please let me know what happens! If this was my only problem it wouldn't be so bad. But I've learned Surgeries can help one thing but harm something else! I'm having a trail Stimulator put in next week to see if it will help my fecal Incontience. If I have a permanent one put in later then I can't have MRIs on my lower back. That's not good bc I have spinal stenosis that's causing me a lot of pain in my lower back. Since Late July I fractured my T12 and had surgery . It seems the pain shifted to my lower back now! Can't win for losing!

Hi @cowboy1997,

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Have you spoken to your surgeon about reversing the procedure? What do they feel about any risk factors or complications?

Hi @cowboy1997,

According to the journal Cough, chronic cough can be symptom of obstructive sleep apnea: http://bit.ly/2g6SkwQ

You may also wish to follow this sleep apnea discussion here on Connect: http://mayocl.in/2ghGKO3

Mayo diagnosed me with mild sleep apnea, but since I've lost 60 pounds from ceasing PPIs and other drugs, they believe that this has probably been cured for me. They'd have to retest me to make sure.

Another thing that Mayo thinks may have been caused by my GERD is mild asthma. Now that my fundoplication is complete and was successful, they expect my asthma do go away also.