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Reversal of Nissen Fundoplication

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Hello @myskye,

Welcome to Connect. It must be so disheartening that the procedure was not a success; however, you have come to the right place, to get some answers. You may be interested in connecting with @tgirl, @katmandoo, @SherryD, and @gregoryd as they have had similar experiences.
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I also invite you to check out an older discussion where Nissen Fundoplication Reversal has been discussed by other members:


Have you spoken to your surgeon about reversing the procedure? What do they feel about any risk factors or complications?

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I have an appointment for the early part of November to discuss the reversal. At my last dilation my doctor stated that he knew of a doctor in Portland Maine and a few in Boston that can do the reversal. I live in Bangor Maine so either area would work for me. I have had so many problems since the wrap i am leary about another surgery which is why i would like to speak to others that have had the reversal. Thank you for your concern and quick reply. Denise

I can completely understand that. In the meantime, here is some information from Mayo Clinic about revision of Nissen Fundoplication
This site also has links to in-depth details about the procedure.
Please keep us posted with your thoughts and decisions.

I had to buy a subscription in order to see the article so i did not see it but i will keep doing some research and will certainly keep in touch to keep you updated.

Thank you for letting me know!
Here is the revised link to the article, and you don't need to subscribe to the journal to read it:
I hope this helps.