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MAC antibiotics and side effects

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Hello Renee .. so glad you found our Forum! It sounds like the two of you are really going through a tough time! I was diagnosed in 2007 and unfortunately due to lack of knowledge and information did not go on the antibiotic treatment until October 2011. I was on 4-5 antibiotics for thirty months due to the severity of my condition. I was on: : Azithromycin 250mg/Avelox 400mg/2-Rifampin (rifubutin) 300mg/Amikacin 2ml-inhaled and Ethambutol 800mg.

Due to previous difficulty adjusting to drugs I chose to add just one antibiotic per week so that I would know which drug was/if caused a side effect. Yes I did have fatigue, sleep disturbance, loss of appetite .. BUT in time I could deal well with my life .. working out and living life! Now I have been “stable” on off ALL antibiotics since May 2014 .. so there IS life after the treatment!

I would suggest as you have time that you read through the past pages of the Forum .. you will see that EACH of us has had a different journey through the treatment and disease .. BUT we are coming .. or HAVE come out on the other side. Please do keep coming back .. you will find really kind supportive people here who will support you through this journey. Your husband is very lucky to have you by his side and be his advocate! I have been this advocate for my husband for many years as he has struggled with various health issues. Sending you both a Big Hug in this tough time. Katherine

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Hello Katherine – I have not been in touch with the Forum for awhile. I joined back in November or December of 2015, when I first began treatment for MAC. I have not missed a week of taking the pills and if things are good, I am supposed to be ending the treatment in April. I wanted to ask some questions to see if anyone has any experience with what I have been dealing with. I tried to find the main Forum with all the emails so I could read through them again, but when I click on the link you give here in this email, I only can get one email which is your first email dated 2011. Can you give me some help in finding the main Forum? Should I write my questions in the same “reply” box that I am using now. Thanks for your help, Pamela

@pamelasc1 Pamela, so glad you contacted me! The below link will take you to our Forum .. then you can read the past pages .. and/or post any questions you might have. Hope things go well for you in April .. keep us posted! Go to the below link .. PLUS I am going to repeat this post in that same Forum .. then you can just hit “Reply” to get started with any question you might have .. that should work just fine! Welcome Back! Hugs! Katherine